The Top 5 SEO Tips for Healthcare Business Owners

Many healthcare providers think creating an attractive website will attract a lot of new users by just making it look good. If your website looks great, why wouldn’t that be enough for tons of people to flood in, right? Well, not necessarily. If orthodontists want to compete, they need to strategize how to use SEO to their advantage.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a more important factor in getting people to your website. However, without proper SEO practices, your website can easily get overlooked, and that’s the last thing a business wants.

This is important for all companies; however, every industry and company itself needs to be personalized to their services to get the best results. Houmanity specializes in SEO for orthodontists. To assist you, here are 5 key ways to improve your SEO practices as an orthodontist.

Five Simple SEO Tips for Healthcare Owners

Whenever your website is not doing too well on Google, it is most likely due to your website not being optimized for it. SEO is important for all businesses to attract potential clients. Here are some simple yet effective tips to help:

1.   On-page vs. Off-page Optimization

There are different ways to optimize your webpage, so here are some different methods to pay attention to.

On-page optimization consists of optimized web page content, keyword analysis and research, and call-to-action development. In contrast, off-page optimization consists of competitor analysis, link-building and social media strategies, brand development, and content distribution.

2.   Know Your Keywords

Whenever figuring out the best keywords for you, make sure that you keep them specific to your services. Long-tail keywords usually have more than two words, and you want them to have significant volume. Google Keyword Planner is a tool that helps you when you are stuck to see some other good options for you.

For a company like yours, you want to make sure you include appropriate medical terminology. This will help people find you when they perform specific medically-related searches. 

3.   Focus On Your Local Area

Focusing on your local area is more important than you may realize. When people search for services, those in their area tend to be the first few that pop up, especially on Google. So add a few keywords that involve your area, this way, you are more than likely to be towards the top of the searches.

4.   Post Original and Great, Engaging Content

Google prioritizes good content over poorly-written posts based on a few factors. You can create your content around the Google Keyword planner as well! This will help Google recognize quality content to gain more traffic.

5.   Leverage Other Types of Media

Whenever people search on a browser, it isn’t always for a website. People also search for images and videos. You want to make sure you have those showing up that way they could get to your website off a picture itself if they wanted to. Visual aspects can help your SEO and help attract the reader’s eyes.

Another thing you want to be sure of when putting content online is to make sure it is mobile-friendly. People often look up information and websites on their phones, and it can turn them away really fast if the website is hard to understand or navigate through mobile.

Healthcare SEO Does Have Limitations

Healthcare SEO can benefit your business in a ton of great ways; however, it cannot do everything. A few things it will not do is get you an influx of appointments right away. It can take up to a month or more to possibly begin seeing the benefits of your optimization.

If you want faster results, you can also do paid advertising. This will be beneficial for people to see your company on the first page or two of Google on top of the basic benefits you get from optimizing your SEO.

Proper SEO for Healthcare Companies

Search engine optimization is becoming more and more important with the growing number of companies out there. Whether you outsource or keep things in-house, it is something every company with an online presence should pay attention to.

Thankfully, these tips should help you succeed as a healthcare company. Remember that it could take time and trial and error. However, once you understand the best advertising for your specific company, the benefits from SEO are tremendous.

If you are ready to take the first step in growing your practice, contact us here to learn more about our SEO services. We can’t wait to revolutionize your website!


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