Houmanity is Proud to Partner with Onshore Orthodontics

Amazing husband and wife duo, Dr. David Dubiner and Dr. Hayley Woolfson, have a fantastic team approach for treating their patients. They use the latest technologies in their care and work to keep orthodontic treatment affordable for their whole community. They knew that they needed a great website to stand out against the other orthodontists in their area. Both doctors wanted their website to reflect their personalities. Dr. Dubiner being an avid surfer they wanted a modern, beach feel incorporated into the website. And Dr. Woolfson also wanting to showcase their active and fun lifestyle. (Just check out their surfboard collection!)

 When it comes to community, nothing means more to Dr. Dubiner and Dr. Woolfson. He was born and raised in South Florida. She is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, but couldn’t be more at home anywhere than South Florida. They met and married at Nova Southeastern University, where they each received their Doctor of Dental Medicine degree.


About the Practice

Dr. Hayley Woolfson and Dr. David Dubiner came to Houmanity with the goal of creating a beautiful and modern website that would complement their practice. Still, they wanted to keep their original colors for continuity and brand identity. So our designers used their feedback to craft a unique, adaptive website that they are proud to have represent their practice.

 They are staples of the South Florida community that has wholeheartedly embraced them. They give back to their community by providing patients with comfort and the highest level of patient care in the area. They love their community in Florida and want to build their practice within it, so we created a simple, modern, and responsive website that allows their patients to connect to them easily.

Creating the Digital Brand Identity

Houmanity was excited to design a beautiful, new website for Onshore Orthodontics. We focused on creating a color scheme and brand that would be usable online as well as on marketing materials. Dr. Dubiner and Dr. Woolfson were very involved in the design process, offering their insight and opinion to help our team to create a design that matched their vision.

The website lets users get to know Dr. Woolfson and Dr. Dubiner, by telling the story of how they became top orthodontists in Yulee, Florida. Houmanity is excited to partner with Onshore Orthodontics and help bring top orthodontic care to their community.


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