6 Questions That Google Analytics’s Answers Can Help You Better Understand Your Customers

The strategies applied by an online marketing agency are based on consumer behavior, Google Analytics being one of the tools that allow us to interpret metrics and then optimize them.

Here are 5 Google Analytics questions that can help you optimize your SEO and Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns:

1. What does the accelerated growth of non-brand organic traffic mean?

Accelerated growth of non-branded organic traffic can be influenced by the following factors:

  • the seasonality of the products/services you sell
  • the initial stage of research for certain products, when the consumer analyzes the offer from several online stores;

2. What does it mean when certain traffic channels have a higher share of assisted conversions?

With the Multi-Channel Funnels section, you can discover at a certain time that a particular channel has a large share of assisted conversions. So, what can you find out?

You can have a brand protect campaign (through Google Ads) that represents a big slice from the conversions pie, which confirms that no.1 is Paid Search;

Note: Such brand-protect campaigns can help especially when there are certain events in the year (eg Black Friday), when you can redirect your customers to special landing pages!

You can find that before converting, the audience also checks a price comparator to make sure that the quality / price ratio is a good one (or to find testimonials / reviews / other offers).

3. Do you monitor micro-conversions and channel segmentation?

First of all, each campaign brings micro-conversions, and some of them turn into final conversions! But what does that mean?

Note: create events for when a user is adding products to the cart/visited certain pages from your website / took a specific action, which can be considered micro-conversions.

Data interpretation can lead you to a strategy with low micro-conversions costs targets detrimental to high-cost end-to-end conversions.

Data interpretation can highlight the user experience broken down by pages / categories of your site.

You can also find out which marketing channels are the best performing from micro-conversions point of view.

4. Why do people return to my site via direct traffic?

The behavior of those who re-enter the site through the direct way can be associated with the following types of action:

  • they return to check if there are news on the site
  • they come back to check if the price of a product or service has changed
  • they come back to check if the stock has been updated (e-commerce websites for example)
  • they come back because there are some special promotional campaigns (ex: Black Week)

Or they simply come back because they are remembering you as a good voice in your niche and you provide a good user experience and they found you useful !


5. What is the geolocation of my clients?

With Google Analytics, you can identify important data about your audience geolocation:

Which are the cities / counties with the best conversion rate ?

What are the costs per conversions and micro conversions in PPC campaigns segmented by cities / counties ?

6. How can I better segment my traffic / audience?

In Google Analytics, users are segmented / defined as follows: Returning Visitor vs New visitor.

Maybe you will notice that those defined as Returning Visitors have a nearly double conversion rate (vs new visitors) and this gives you the opportunity to act in many ways:

  • You can find out on what pages they are returning
  • You can segment and improve your Google Display Campaigns
  • You can improve your customer retention rate

It is important to mention that an increase in traffic from returning visitors may represent an increase in content quality and can therefore improve the long-term evolution of the SEO campaign.

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