Navigating Google Ads in 2024: Your Guide to Success


Welcome to the next frontier of digital advertising! As we step into 2024, Google Ads continues to be a go-to platform for businesses aiming to maximize their online visibility. However, with innovation comes challenges, and one such challenge is the increasing prevalence of SMART campaigns.

The SMART Campaign Conundrum

SMART campaigns are designed to simplify the advertising process, promising quick and effortless campaign creation for orthodontists. While this might seem appealing on the surface, practices often find themselves grappling with the hidden costs and limitations associated with this automated approach.

Increased Costs Over Time

One of the significant drawbacks of SMART campaigns is the potential for increased advertising costs over time. As more orthodontic practices opt for these automated setups, Google gains more control over the auction, leading to inflated costs per click. The consequence? Orthodontists may witness a surge in bid prices, impacting their bottom line.

Less Relevancy, Less Impact

With SMART campaigns bundling campaigns into automated platforms, the risk of showcasing less relevant ad content increases. Practices who don’t meticulously plan their campaign builds may experience a disconnect between searches and ad content, resulting in diminished ad performance. It’s essential to ensure that your ads are set up to thrive in the SMART campaign environment.

Limited Control for Testing

A/B and multivariant testing are fundamental for optimizing user experience and achieving higher click-through rates (CTR). Unfortunately, SMART campaigns offer less control for such testing, hindering advertisers from fine-tuning their ad variations. The lack of optimization may lead to increased bid costs, emphasizing the importance of maintaining control over your campaign structure.

How to Navigate SMART Campaigns Successfully

Despite the challenges, businesses can navigate the SMART campaign landscape successfully by adopting a strategic approach.

  1. Expert Mode Setup: Consider utilizing manual campaign settings with an expert mode setup to retain control over ad group level builds. This ensures that your ads align seamlessly with the relevant searches, maximizing their impact. Houmanity offers a free audit of your ads account and current campaigns to make sure you are getting the most from your budget.
  2. Strategic Planning: Build your campaigns strategically, or partner with agencies well-versed in expert mode setups. The right setup can make a substantial difference, potentially saving millions in revenues and optimizing ad spend.
  3. Responsive Search Ads: Embrace the new Responsive Search Ad type while including variations that align with your keywords. Separate ad groups by search grouping and exercise control over search query matches through match types and careful optimizations.

As the advertising landscape evolves, so must our strategies. SMART campaigns may offer convenience, but understanding their limitations is crucial for businesses aiming to make the most of their ad budgets. By navigating the landscape strategically, you can stay ahead in 2024 and achieve optimal results in your Google Ads campaigns. Houmanity offers help with navigating Google Ads, making sure that your budget goes to the most relevant terms while keeping your costs low. Contact us today for a free audit of your ads account and current campaigns!