Cheers to more Orthodontic Adventures in the New Year!

Goals for your Practice in the New Year!

As we gear up for the exciting journey of a new year, it’s the perfect time for orthodontic practices to dream big and set some goals that’ll make smiles even brighter. Think of it as a roadmap to success, sprinkled with enthusiasm and a dash of adventure. In this blog post, we’re diving into some friendly and achievable goals that can turn the upcoming year into an orthodontic celebration.

  1. New Friends, New Smiles: Bring more pals into the orthodontic family – let’s aim for a certain percentage more than last year! How? Invest in your marketing and referral programs, offer cool deals for your referring dental office, and make your online presence as inviting as your office. Houmanity always recommends the Profession Pass program; offered to referring dentists for their families to receive a great deal on orthodontic treatment.
  2. Positive Experiences = Positive Reviews: Make sure every patient leaves with a grin. How? Tune into what makes your patients happiest, smooth out any bumps in the road, and create a vibe so warm they’ll be grinning even before their braces come off. Work with your front office staff to make sure creating a positive atmosphere and that they have the resources they need to help your patients visits be as smooth as possible!
  3. Efficient and Effective Treatment: Make sure that your website and any marketing material lets your potential patients know that your office offers the quickest and best treatment available! Let them know that you make treatments faster without sacrificing the quality. How? Explain your process: Whether you use the latest tech, or have a new approach to treatment plans, make sure your community knows! A great way to do this is promotions. Send your referring dentists information they can pass along to new patients or promote on your website! As seen on the Silver Lake Orthodontics website below, their homepage lets the community know that Dr. Katz was named the top Dentist for 2021 and 2022. New patients seeing this immediately know they are going to get the highest quality care from Dr. Katz.

  1. Build your Community Presence: Be the talk of the town by connecting with the local business and schools in the coolest ways. How? Sponsor or join local events and share your wisdom with the schools.
  2. Team Spirit High: Keep the excitement alive in your team, fostering growth and creating a work atmosphere that’s pure joy. How? Invest in learning adventures, share the knowledge love within the team, and make sure your staff knows how much you value their contributions. They are the first people that your new patients see when they come to your office. They are the face of your practice and it’s important to make sure they know how valued they are!

So, here’s to a year filled with sparkling smiles, new adventures, and achieving those orthodontic dreams! With these goals in mind, the journey ahead promises to be a thrilling one for orthodontists and their patients. Get ready for a year that’s not just about straightening teeth but about creating moments that’ll be remembered for a lifetime for your patients; the first time they see their brand new smile! Cheers to growth in your practice in the new year!