About the Practice

Westwalk Orthodontics cares for our community and strives to nurture a positive outlook towards orthodontics. Our goal is to make patients feel more happy, healthy, and comfortable with their appearance.

Westwalk Orthodontics is committed to using its advanced orthodontic technology and expertise to provide the best experience possible for its patients. By redefining and sharpening their style and image it lets patients see that they are committed to creating to best smiles possible.

Creating the Digital Brand Identity

Drs. Gary Romero and Dr. Steve Cagliostro, reached out to Houmanity to partake in their vision for the future of their practice. The solution was simple, we sought to revamp and revitalize the brand’s website to enhance the future vision of their company.

Both Dr. Romero and Dr. Cagliostro provided input so we could maximize their innate appeal to their clinics. Through specific feedback by our clients, we use confident lines and appealing imagery in our work to encourage prospective patients to visit the website.

By maintaining the original vision and integrity of the brand known for its notable excellence in orthodontic practice, we highlighted their brilliance through increasing their online presence and eye-catching color schema.

Westwalk Orthodontics is dedicated to their high-level expertise in orthodontic quality paired with years of experience. Houmanity was driven to reshape and style a fresh website for their practice to match their image.

Web Design

Scope of Work


  • Workshops
  • Research


  • Persona Development
  • Information Architecture
  • User Experience


  • Art Direction
  • Web Design
  • Visual Moodboards
  • UI Design
  • Content Creation
  • Print Materials


  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • CMS Integrations


  • Google Ads
  • SEO
  • Print Ads