Navigating the World of Online Reviews for Orthodontists

Mastering Your Online Reputation

In today’s digital age, the internet has given us customers a lot of say in our experiences. Online reviews have become like gold for businesses of all kinds. While reaching a perfect score with reviews can be a tough nut to crack, having more positive ones than negatives is something everyone hopes for.

It’s easy to think of a negative review as an unexpected punch in the gut, but the truth is, you have more control than you might think. If you’re a orthodontist, here are three friendly ways to handle negative reviews, and in some cases, even prevent them.

Improve Your Follow-Up Game

Imagine buying a product, and the seller never checks in with you until your next purchase. It’s a bit odd, right? Staying connected with your patients after their visit not only keeps their positive experience fresh but also helps soften the blow of any negative interactions.

You can make this easy on yourself with automated software like MailChimp. It lets you schedule follow-up emails after appointments, giving patients a chance to ask questions and reminding them of any important info. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to gently suggest they leave a review. Remember, most new patients come from word-of-mouth referrals, so their review is like paying it forward to the next person who finds your practice. It also gives you insights into areas where you can improve, like reducing wait times.

Share Helpful Content

The world of marketing has changed, and people don’t want to be bombarded with random ads. Instead, they crave valuable information related to their interests. But here’s the scoop: people are looking for orthodontic info online, and most start with search engines.

You don’t need to become a content wizard, but sharing relevant blogs and videos about your specialty can keep you visible in search rankings. This not only wins you favor within your field but can also help drown out any negative reviews. A big plus: if you have more than a few bad reviews in Google search results, 70 percent of potential customers might look elsewhere.


Stay Cool, Don’t Get Defensive

No one likes to get a bad review, but they’re part of life in the digital age. How you handle them can make all the difference.

First, don’t respond with anger or defensiveness; it usually makes things worse. Instead, thank the reviewer for their feedback and apologize for their negative experience. Encourage them to reach out to you directly via email or phone to discuss the issue privately. This approach is essential in healthcare due to privacy regulations (HIPAA). Remember, the key is to let the world see that you’re listening and willing to talk. Most reviewers just want to be heard, and by responding thoughtfully, you’re showing you genuinely care about your patients.

Managing your online reputation is now a vital part of orthodontic marketing. Ignoring the online chatter about your practice can be costly. If you’re interested in online reputation management or want a free marketing assessment, we’re here to help. Schedule a call with Houmanity today to learn how we can help!