Launching Your New Orthodontic Practice: A Guide to Online Marketing

Houmanity’s Guide to Online Marketing for New Orthodontic Practices!

Starting your own orthodontic practice can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help you conquer the digital landscape. In today’s world, diving into online marketing with Google Ads and SEO is the key to unlocking doors and welcoming new patients through your virtual doors. Let’s chat about how to make the most of these tools and why you might want to skip the SMART campaigns – trust us, they’re not as good as they sound!

1. Getting to Know Google Ads:

  • Google Ads is like your personal online billboard – it helps potential patients find you when they’re on the lookout for the best orthodontist in their area.
  • Start by exploring what words your future patients use when they search for orthodontic care – this will be key in your campaigns. Our Google Ads expert would be happy to help with a free audit of your area and demographic.
  • Craft ads that showcase your practice’s specialities, whether it’s your expertise,  Invisalign, or new techniques!

2. Connecting with the Right Crowd:

  • Google Ads lets you be picky (in a good way)! Choose who sees your ads based on location, interests, and more.
  • Use ad extensions – these are bonus features that give your potential patients extra info, like your location and phone number.

3. Creating Amazing Landing Pages:

  • Imagine your website as the first impression of your practice – your landing pages are the first things that your potential patients see. Make sure your logo and branding is modern and memorable! And also, high end images as opposed to blurry, unfocused images on your page can make a big difference!
  • Don’t forget about mobile – ensure everything looks great on smaller screens too. The majority of your new patients are on their phone, not a desktop. Your website has to work perfectly on mobile! Here is a great example from Houmanity, Rochester Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics has a beautiful website; complete with an original logo, high-end branding, and a great mobile experience. Check out their website here to see how users are able to find a clear path to schedule a free consultation! This is key to the success of your site.


4. SEO: Your Long-Term Pal for Growth:

  • SEO is like planting seeds for long term growth. Optimize your website to climb the search engine ranks organically.
  • Think like your patients and use relevant keywords in your content, meta tags, and headers. (Don’t worry the Houmanity team can help you with this!)
  • Share helpful information – answer the questions that most first time patients have about orthodontic care throughout your website.

5. Local SEO:

  • Go local and show up in nearby searches. Set up a Google My Business profile, gather those 5-star reviews, and use some local keywords.
  • Keep your business info consistent across the web – this is key to search engines!

6. Keep an Eye on Things:

  • Regularly check how your Google Ads are performing and tweak things based on what you learn.
  • Google Analytics – use it to understand your website traffic and see how your SEO efforts are working.

Why you should skip SMART Campaigns!

While SMART campaigns might sound like the perfect solution to a busy practice, they can be a bit too one-size-fits-all. In the world of orthodontics, where personal touches matter, going for the standard Google Ads gives you more control and lets you tailor your message to the unique smiles you want to attract. Opt for manual campaigns so you can get the most out of your ads budget.

Launching your orthodontic practice with the right online marketing can make a huge difference when you open your doors. The Houmanity team is here to answer your questions and help guide you through this process. (Schedule a call with our team today!) Get ready to grow your practice and spread smiles through your community!