Houmanity Partners with Silver Lake Orthodontics

Giving Seattle a Reason to Smile

Silver Lake Orthodontics just wants to make their patients smile! Therefore, they work diligently to provide a warm, welcoming, and friendly environment for everyone who walks through their doors. Houmanity was excited to partner with a practice that was passionate about their community.

A top priority of Dr. Katz is eliminating fear from dental visits and providing patients with a safe and fun experience. Their patients heap praise about their work, as well as their kindness and positivity. In fact, Dr. Katz is the dentist that other dentists recommend, having won the Seattle Met’s Top Dentist of 2021 award.

About Silver Lake Orthodontics

Silver Lake Orthodontics needed a bright and fun new look to their website to represent the great personality of their office. In addition, it was important to create a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate because Silver Lake Orthodontics never wants to make it difficult to visit them in any way.

 By working closely with the practice, we were able to bring their dreams and our shared vision to life with a creative new website. Check it out here!

Crafting their Digital Brand Identity

To create a bright, new, and modern website, we started by using curved lines to add a more dramatic look and give the pages a feeling of movement and flow. It embraces the fun and youthful aura of the office while still offering a very clean and impressive look. We were also able to use both blank space and white space to make images and text really pop.

And to give Silver Lake Orthodontics a more user-friendly website, we started by creating a more simplified website so users can find information quickly and easily without a lot of needless scrolling. The website is now easy to navigate for users and highlights all of the reasons they should choose Silver Lake Orthodontics for their family.

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