Digital Consults: Houmanity Weighs In On How They Can Help Your Orthodontics Practice

Are Digital Consults Here to Stay?

Houmanity believes in staying on the cutting edge of technology in orthodontic marketing. Digital Consults are slowly showing up on all healthcare websites, but is this a good thing? The short answer.. yes!

Offering a virtual option to new patients is more important than ever before. Using digital consults is great for your orthodontics practice because it gives you new patient opportunities by utilizing the best of today’s technology. Not only does it help to streamline your process and save you time in office, it also helps you to actually pre-screen your potential patients.

 The Benefits of Digital Consults

 Using digital consults as a first step can often limit the number of prospective patients who will not follow-through with starting treatment.

  • User-friendly application
  • Better patient conversion rates
  • Speed and transparency
  • Customizable and non-invasive

 You may find, in fact, that the most likely people to use this type of digital consult system are working professionals who have limited time. The system also appeals to these patients because of its effectiveness.

Why Digital Consults Are Right For Your Practice

As different regions come out of the COVID-19 crisis at different rates and using different restrictions, a digital consult system can help you limit the number of patients in the office at any one time.  

Digital consults can help determine which patients are a priority to make it far easier to triage patients when you have a limited capacity. As the restrictions ease in your area, digital consults can also be a great way to get patients back into the office.

When you are ready to step into the future of patient consultations, Houmanity is here to help you.

Houmanity Has The Solutions For You

 Houmanity doesn’t use templates. Instead, they build your website from the ground up so that you can customize every aspect of development. They’ll include all of the features you want and need, from digital consults to integration of the Facebook messenger app.

It doesn’t matter which digital consult that you choose; Houmanity can build it into your site. They have had great success with Torres Orthodontics and Hawaiian Smiles Orthodontics using Digital Smylz, Pavlo Orthodontics using Smile Snap, and many other satisfied clients.

Now is the time to implement digital consults for your own orthodontics practice. Don’t fall behind; meet patients where they are with the technology they are used to using.

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