About the Practice

With expert orthodontic care and a fun atmosphere, Sturbridge Orthodontics ensures each of their patients leaves with a smile on their face. Serving the community of Sturbridge, Massachusetts, they believe you’re never too young to improve your smile.

With over 50 years of dental and orthodontic experience between them, Dr. Ferdinand Sabelis and Dr. Dewey Tiberii share the same passion for providing skillful orthodontics as well as an enjoyable experience.

Backed by a team of orthodontic assistants with training from the American Association of Orthodontics, the doctors and their staff continue to invest in their training and attend additional continuing education courses every year. They take great pride in their education, professionalism, and the care they give to their patients.

With expertise and the hearts of rock stars, Dr. Ferdinand Sabelis, Dr. Dewey Tiberii, and their team of trained professionals are dedicated to delivering specialized orthodontic care and a “smile that rocks.”

Rebranding Sturbridge’s Digital Identity

Rebranding Dr. Sabelis and Dr. Tiberii’s web presence didn’t mean losing the character of their practice. Houmanity builds our websites and brands custom for each client, and we stay true to their vision.

Sturbridge Orthodontics expressed their desire to sport a rock-n-roll themed website that portrayed the fun atmosphere they provide to their patients while maintaining a professional appearance. We created a solution to move their brand forward and make sure their wish for an uplifting appearance was met.

We saw an opportunity to enhance their original concept with eye-catching imagery, clean lines, and an updated template. By modernizing the layout, we provided a more confident design with a user-friendly experience.

We wanted to make sure their brand continued to display the valued professional reputation they already held while showcasing what makes them stand out in the industry; an inviting atmosphere that sets patients and families at ease.

Just as Sturbridge does in their practice, we delivered a website that combined professionalism and fun. With a modern and refreshed look, we featured their qualifications while maintaining their initial rock-n-roll theme.

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