About the Practice

Everything is bigger in Texas, including unique, innovative ideas! Dr. Craig Hicks is leading the charge in the ever-changing world of orthodontics. He recognizes how busy parents are and that they need an easier way to get their kids orthodontic treatment. So Dr. Hicks created the very first mobile orthodontic office and is bringing this revolutionary idea to his area in Texas.

Bringing the Brand to Life

To make sure that customers understand this completely new method and technique of orthodontics treatment, it was important to Dr. Hicks that the new website clearly communicated the service he is providing and how it works, along with all of the benefits for his patients. Furthermore, prospective customers should get excited to know that with this new service, the orthodontist actually comes to them!

What Excited Us About this Project

When Dr. Hicks came to us with this idea, we were simply ecstatic! It is a great challenge to create a website for a service never marketed before. We worked closely with Dr. Hicks and his team to bring his vision to life. Together with designing the website, we also consulted on designing the very van that Dr. Hicks used to bring orthodontic care to his community! We are very pleased and excited to help bring in the future of orthodontics with GoDontics!

Web Design

Scope of Work


  • Workshops
  • Research


  • Persona Development
  • Information Architecture
  • User Experience


  • Art Direction
  • Web Design
  • Visual Moodboards
  • UI Design
  • Content Creation
  • Print Materials


  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • CMS Integrations


  • Google Ads
  • SEO
  • Print Ads